Termites cause over $5 billion worth of property damage each year, and constitute one of the biggest threats your home will ever face. Dependable Pest Service provides both treatment and prevention against termite infestations. We can set up a yearly plan to prevent a termite infestation before it ever starts. If you suspect you may already have a termite infestation, we will come to your home and perform a detailed inspection at no charge.

Dependable Pest Service uses Termidor in all our termite treatments. Termidor is America’s #1 termite defense product, completely eliminating termite populations faster than any other termite defense product on the market. Since it’s launch in 2000, pest professionals have relied on Termidor over all other products (liquid or bait) to successfully defend over 2.6 million homes. How does Termidor work? Termidor is applied to areas in and around the home where termites can be found, and begins working immediately to defend a home against them. Because of it’s advanced undetectable technology, termites can’t smell, see or feel it. Therefore, they forage freely in the treated zone, ingesting Termidor and getting it on their bodies. Whenever a termite ingests or touches Termidor, the termite becomes a “carrier”, transferring Termidor to every other termite it comes in contact with. These termites in turn become secondary carriers, transferring the termiticide on and on. Because Termidor is long acting, termites have ample time to spread it throughout their entire colony. This unique spiraling process is called the “Transfer EffectTM”, and it helps Termidor deliver devastating results unmatched by any other product.

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