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General Pests – Dependable Pest Service uses an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to residential, commercial & industrial pest management that relies on practices to conserve natural resources, safeguard the health of people and their pets, and prevent contamination of food and living spaces. Dependable Pest Service uses current, comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment.

Termites – We specialize in termite control for residential, commercial & industrial infestations. Dependable Pest Service can set up a yearly plan to prevent a termite infestation before it starts. If you suspect you may already have a termite infestation, we will come to your home and perform a detailed inspection at no charge.

Mosquitos – Your backyard is meant for family fun and you’ve worked hard to create an environment that your family can enjoy. Don’t let annoying pests like mosquitos keep you from enjoying the outside! Dependable Pest Service can create a safe and effective mosquito plan to best suit your needs.

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